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The company was established on 4th Oct ,1999 under partnership Deed with the object of carrying out the business of Ship Management , Ship Agency and Allied Services Including Catering and House Keeping Services. We have been certified by IRQS Mumbai under ISO 9001 – 2008 and our RPSL License No. 059 from DG Shipping. We are one of the leading Ship Management & Ship Agency Company in India & Middle East with Worldwide Network.

At Albatross we have continually sought to develop our resources and improve capabilities to ensure that we are best placed to meet the requirements of our clients in a continually changing and challenging environment. Our offices have modern and well equipped facilities, thereby allowing continuous monitoring of our vessels enable provide flexibility in response to customer needs. To further improve the quality of our service we achieved our ISO 9001:2008 certification from Indian Register of Shpping.

we are owners of the following vessels :

1) M.V. ALBATROSS 37 (Panama Flag) Offshore Supply Vessel.
2) M.V. ALBATROSS 19 ( Indian Flag) Utility/survey vessel.
3) M.V. AL SAMRIDHI (Indian Flag) Utility/Supply Vessel .
We have successfully & satisfactorily handled many contracts to the entire satisfaction of our principals. We have plenty of Qualified, experienced Management staff, floating officers, Seamen & Catering Crew in our Roster and are in a position to meet any requirement at any given time.


1. ONGC Offshore Vessels
We have manned & Managed ONGC owned Sindhu and Samudrika Vessels 14 Nos. past seven years.

2. Shipping Corporation of India Ltd.
We are registered agents of SCI for Manning & Operations of their vessels since 2001.

3. Gujarat Maritime Board
Comprehensive Contract for Manning, Operation, Maintenance and Repairs of five Tug Boats owned by Gujarat Maritime Board for their various Ports Okha, Sikha and Porbunder

4. Asianol Shipping Ltd - Dharamtar
Since 2001 December from the establishment of Asianol Shipping Ltd, we are managers of Six Barges DWT 3600 each, GRT 2159 each for lighterage operations

Vessel Yard Delivery, Trials and Port to Port Delivery :

We have undertaken various vessels Shipyard Delivery, Trials of leading shipyards in India viz M/s Bharati Shipyard Ltd, M/s ABG Shipyard Ltd, M/s Temba Shipyard Ltd Cochin.

Also undertaken on Turnkey basis various vessels yard delivery and delivery to different ports as per owners requirement including Suez Canal passage.


(A). Halul Offshore Services Company WLL.(HOSC) Doha – Qatar.
We have undertaken various trials and delivery jobs for HOSC since 2003. We are authorized agents in India to attend all vessel operation jobs.

(B). QSAT Co WLL.Doha, State of Qatar
We provide all Logistic support for their vessel operations for Catering & Housekeeping.

(C). Marine Technical Services WLL, Bahrain.
Authorised agents in India for their vessel operations

(D). Seaways International LLC, Dubai :
Authorised agents in India for their vessel operations

• Presently we are the Managers / Manning agents for the following companies and their vessels operating in India and Middle East.

We are managers of M.V Al Samridhi owned by our sister concern Albatross Shipping Agencies (I) Pvt Ltd.

M/s Hal Offshore Ltd, Mumbai.

We had been awarded the contract for Manning, Catering & House Keeping job of following Offshore Supply Vessel owned by ONGC Ltd & under Technical manegment of M/s Hal Offshore Ltd Mumbai :

Sr.No. Vessel Name GRT BHP
1 M.V SINDHU 1 1323 5400
2 M.V. SINDHU 4 1310 5400
3 M.V. SINDHU 5 1323 5400
4 M.V. SINDHU 10 1323 5400
5 M.V. SINDHU 11 1323 5400

Shipping Corporation of India (Offshore Supply Vessels )

Presently we are providing officers for following SCI OSVs & MSV under SCI Management.

Sr.No. Vessel Name GRT BHP
1 MSV SAMUDRA SEVAK 5455 12220
4 M. V. SAMUDRIKA – 2 951 3200
5 M. V. SAMUDRIKA – 8 951 3200
6 M. V. SAMUDRIKA - 12 951 3200
7 M. V. SAMUDRIKA - 16 954 3200
8 M. V. SAMUDRIKA – 17 954 3200
9 M. V. SCI – 03 2040 3200
10 M. V. SCI - 05 2042 3200

M/s Asianol Shipping Ltd – Dharamtar

Sr.No. Vessel Name GRT DWT 
1 M.V. SHRIHARI 2159 3600
2 M.V. SHRIMANT 2159 3600
3 M.V. SHRIVRIDHI 2159 3600
4 M.V. SHRINIDHI 2039 3600
5 M.V. SHRIKANT 2039 3600
6 M.V. SHRIDHAR 2039 3600

The above vessels are registered with Maharashtra Maritime Board and for Inland water operations. Presently the vessels are on lighterage operations for Ispat Industries Limited, Dharamtar and they load raw materials for the steel factory from the Mother vessel at Mumbai anchorage and discharge at Dharamtar Port.

We also arrange pass pilot, Cargo Boat Licence, Port Health Licence, Dry dock, Port agency , MMB Certification and other Operation matters of the above vessels as additional Jobs.

M/s Salgaocar Mining Industries Pvt Ltd.- Goa:

We are managing the above ocean going Tug Boat, which was taken delivery from China and presently operating on West coast of India. We provide complete manning for the vessel.

Sr.No. Vessel Name GRT BHP 
1 M.V. PYAREYLAL 255 2400

M/s. Chandra Ship Management Pvt. Ltd., - Kakinada

We are managning below offshore vessel owned by Chandra Ship Management Pvt. Ltd., operating at Kakinada for offshore operation.

Sr.No. Vessel Name GRT BHP 

• M/s. Gujarat Maritime Board, Gandhinagar

We have been awarded three year technical contract by M/s. Gujarat Maritime Board for complete technical management of their 5 nos. Tug Boats operating at Jamnagar (Sikkha), Okha, Porebunder Ports.

Sr.No. Vessel Name GRT BHP 
1 M.T GURJARI 1880 1880
2 M.T GOPNATH 284 1600
3 M.T RUKMANI 284 1600
4 M.T GMB I 378 2500
5 M.T GMB II 378 2500

M/s Bharati Shipyard Ltd. Ratnagiri

We undertake to provide complete officers & crew for their new built vessels at Ratnagiri. The ships which are built at their yard at Ratnagiri will be put up for trials of all the Machinery, Survey & Certification of the new vessels.


• M/s. Halul Offshore Services Company WLL.
   (HOSC) Doha - Qatar.

We are providing Crew & Officers for following vessels owned by Halul Offshore Services, Doha Qatar, which is under charter at Qatar Petroleum offshore project Qatar.

Sr.No. Vessel Name GRT BHP 
1 Halul 10 438 1300
2 Halul 11 438 1300
3 Halul 12 438 1300
4 Halul 21 1413 5428
5 Halul 22 1413 5428
6 Halul 24 1995 5916
7 Halul 25 1995 4414

M/s Stanford Marine L.LC. Dubai

We had undertaken the contract of Manning, Catering & Housekeeping of below vessels owned by M/S. Stanford Marine LLC. Dubai. This vessel was operating between Mumbai – Mumbai High for Leighton / ONGC Charter.

Sr.No. Vessel Name GRT BHP 
1 M. V. A – ONE 497 1970

• M/s. Bahrain Marine Contracting, Bahrain

We are providing Crew & Officers for following Ocean going Tug Boat owned by Bahrain Marine Contracting , Bahrain, which is under charter at Gulf Oil Field.

Sr.No. Vessel Name GRT BHP 
1 M.T. River Rhine 240 3200
2 M.T. River Arno 350 3000

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